Thursday, June 17, 2010

world cup fever

i have to say i have really been enjoying the festivities in south africa the last 6 days. people have tried to make it a point to complain about everything from the low scores to the new design ball to, of course, the dreaded vuvuzela.

none of these things have bothered me. which i know, given the very nature of this particular blog, seems as foreign as the names on the back of the cote d'ivoire players.

i'm not really going to spend a ton of effort breaking down the matches that have happened or highlight the upsets or the fact that my wildcard (uruguay) is kicking some butt right now. no, the entire purpose of this blog post is simply and hopefully to annoy every last one of you with the new "vuvu-roll." for those of you whose computer volume was already up, welcome to your internet nightmare for the next month or so.

EDIT: if you missed it, go here.

Go U.S.A.! C'mon, England.


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